Sunday, January 23, 2011

Review by Melvin O in December issue of Boston magazine The Noise:

"I want to start this off by the numbers: the band has four members, two guitarist/singers, one bassist, and one drummer. The CD has 13 songs, six of which were previously released on the three-way split 666. It is 37 minutes long I have had it for 72 hours, and listened to it nine times.
This is a great punk CD. It is hard to believe it’s by a local band. The mix is excellent, the energy is insane, and the content really makes me think. It feels like the Doll Eyes are holding a mirror up for the world to be able to see themselves through untainted eyes. I’m not sure if this is a raw commentary on the downfalls of man, and society in general, or just a glimpse into the daily lives of the Doll Eyes. They admit they are far from being perfect; “History” states “I used to be a man, now I’m not so sure,” “Make It Better” dives deep into Phil’s depressive side; “Sun is shining raining in my head. Got this feeling I’d be better off dead.” “Irish Catholic Blues” is a story of a man trying to make it through life, but his vices keep getting the best of him: “My soul is black, and I’m never coming back. Love for no one, but the bottle in my sack... try to be a good man right before I die.” I like how the band doesn’t point fingers or whine about the trials they’ve had to face. “Tell Me” shows this by simply saying, “You stayed away while I made a pretty mess of my life/ Come back and visit with some words of wisdom/ Tell me how to make it right.” My words of wisdom: find this CD. I can’t promise it will make everything right, but it will provide one hell of a soundtrack when life gets difficult."

Review By Marc Clarkin in The January 20-February 3rd issue of R.I. magazine Motif:

The 13-song debut from The Doll Eyes contained a half a dozen songs from the 666 Split Volume 1 that we reviewed here last year. The Doll Eyes bring it with unapologetic punk rock thunder that, at its best, is pogo inducing. Tunes like “History” and “No Future” may not sound forward thinking but their contagiousness is
undeniable. Too Many Feelings definitely has a rough quality to sonically like. The Doll Eyes tried to record it as live as possible. This works both ways in terms of no annoying pristine polish but still feels like it should, at times, have a fuller sound. The verse of “Symptoms or Side Effects” reminds me musically of the “Commando” by the Ramones (not necessarily a bad thing) but The Doll Eyes make it their own with the chorus. The Doll Eyes show a softer side with “Make it
Better” with the guitars burning like the sun. I like how The Doll Eyes took their momentum of the 666 split and built upon it.

The Doll Eyes are a RI and Massachusetts based punk and bar band influenced by The Sex Pistols, Rancid, The Pixies, Social Distortion, The Street Dogs, etc. They are always looking for more shows and are happy to play local showcases and appear in studio. Feel free to contact Nate at 401-749-5123 or at

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